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The Most Advanced Headphone Cushions On The Planet!

Headphone fans know: pads matter! Different pads on the same headphone sound different!

Lawton Audio continues to lead the way with the latest edition of our innovative, comfortable and great sounding Angle Pads. Our top-selling product, see why Fostex owners rave about them!

The design of the stock pads that come with the Fostex phones is typical of the majority of factory pads provided with your favorite headphone; which is to say, largely an afterthought if considered at all. At Lawton Audio we have done more than anyone else to carefully re-imagine the humble headphone pad and to treat it seriously as a crucial component of your headphone and the way it sounds.

Re-Position the Drivers for Optimal Sound & Music

The squishy and thin Fostex factory pads place the powerful driver quite close to the ear and allow a lot of energy transfer. This provides the music insufficient room to breathe, collapsing the soundstage, and causing fatigue. Placing the driver at just the right distance from the ear gently reduces harsh spikes while maintaining the vibrant and focused sound these phones are known for. Our Angle Pads are deeper than the stock Fostex cushions, with a wide opening, producing a big, full and open sound.  

Angle the Drivers for More Coherent Soundstage & Bigger Images

Placing the driver at the correct angle to the ear also has surprising benefits. This specially chosen degree of taper between front and back is the secret of our pads that puts the Angle in their name!

This angle slightly tilts the drivers in a way that really helps the brain to blend the separate stereo images and close the gap in the middle we commonly experience with headphones. Now the sound appears to emanate from in front of the listener in a more natural way, as it might at a concert or when listening to a pair of speakers in a room.

Supreme Comfort and Luxury for Hours of Musical Magic

The workmanship on our pads is impressive, incorporating the highest grade super-soft genuine lambskin leather for a truly deluxe feel. The internal foam is specially selected to provide maximum comfort with just enough firmness to maintain its crucial shape. We also have more room for bigger ears! Ahhhhhhhhhh!  

Maximum Durability For Long Life

If you are reading this, you’ve likely already discovered that the stock/factory pads just don’t last. Our Angle Pads are substantially better made with much higher quality materials that will greatly outlive and outlast the stock pads.

Easy to Install!

The best part is how easy it is to quickly install a pair of Angle Pads on your phones at home.

Check out our quick install instructions for Fostex, HERE.

Add The Lawton Tune-Up for Fostex to Complete a Level 1 Upgrade

No doubt about it, our Angle Pads make a dramatic improvement on their own, but when combined with our exclusive Tune-Up for Fostex, you have our Level 1 Package, the best value on our menu of services.  The Level 1 provides the most improvement for your Fostex for least expense, available as a D.I.Y. Mod Kit or you may send in for professional installation.

Easy installation! /pair

Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Fostex / Denon / Massdrop / E-MU

Our custom-made lambskin leather Angle Pads are ready for your all your Fostex headphone variants. Highly acclaimed and simple to install, our Angle Pads provide better comfort, fit, and sound from your headphones. Lawton Audio is setting the standard for innovative pad design and construction featuring our special angled/tapered form. The fit and finish of our Pads is unmatched. Our most popular product. Find out for yourself what a difference a pair of pads makes!  

Premium Comfort, Fit & Sound. Pads Matter.

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How To Order

Ordering is easy. Simply submit your request via e-mail through our Order Page, and we will reply promptly.

Because each order is unique, and each customer has a special set of requirements, we do not have a shopping cart system or “Buy It Now” option.

When you finalize your order with us, you will be sent an e-mail invoice enabling payment.

We accept credit/debit cards and Paypal via the electronic invoice you will receive.

For general questions or enquiries, feel free to use our Contact Page.

Send Us Your Phones! We Ship World-Wide

Lawton Audio is based in the good ol’ USA, and we happily serve a world-wide clientele. We’ve made headphones for people from every corner of the globe. We’ll happily answer all your international shipping questions.

Compatible With Fostex / Denon / Massdrop / E-MU!

Our Angle Pads are available for a variety of different headphones. Here is a complete list of makes and models that are ready for Lawton Angle Pads:

Tune out distortion & rev up your phones! Our #1 Mod! for FOSTEX / Denon / E-MU

Our Most Popular & Effective Upgrade

New for 2014, we are proud to introduce our next-generation Tune-Up for Fostex / Denon / E-MU. headphones. Incorporating the latest in materials science, our Tune-Up helps you achieve the perfect level of balance, control and musicality for your TH-X00 /TH-600 / TH-900 / E-MU. Our foundation Mod, recommended for all Fostex. Start here!

Add Some Angle Pads for a Full Level 1!

To get the utmost from your Tune-Up, we recommend adding a pair of our custom lambskin leather Angle Pads. Together, they form our Level 1 Upgrade Package, and provide the most enhancement for least cost on our entire menu.

Mod Your Own Phones or Send To Us

Our Tune-Up is available as a professionally installed service or as a Mod Kit for the D.I.Y.-er. Click on the links below to read more.

Lawton Tune-Up For Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages Contact Us / Order Fostex / Denon / E-MU Upgrade Packages Lawton Tune-Up For Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU Creative Labs E-MU Massdrop TH-X00 / TR-X00

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! There Are No Substitutes for Our Angle Pads.

Don’t settle for knock-offs! Lawton Audio introduced the first custom made aftermarket headphone pad back in 2010, which we have continuously improved to this day. In recent times, a few imitators have appeared with huge lines of replacement pads for multiple headphone brands including Fostex. In some cases, they have even brazenly tried to copy our original angled design, in an attempt to convince you that what they offer is somehow a (slightly) cheaper substitute for our Pads.

Don’t be fooled! Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is this company strictly dedicated to upgrading Fostex brand headphones?

2. Do you believe they listened to the sonic results of their pads on even a single model of Fostex headphone?

3. Would this company even recognize if the result was good or bad? And if it did harm the sound, do you think they went back to fix the problems? Would they even know what to change to get the desired result?

4. Are these just another SKU on a wall of headphone pads to them?

5. Are they made by hand in the USA with top quality materials and construction?

Yes, they have tried and failed to replicate us because they don’t know what works and what does not, and aren’t concerned with sound quality in the first place. Always remember, when you buy an authentic Lawton product you are purchasing a true UPGRADE, and not a mere replacement. We are the Fostex experts, ask the people that know, our Pads are the best.