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11/7/14: Check Out The Amazing New Headfonics Reviews Of Our Maxed-Out Fostex!

How did our latest, fully upgraded Fostex stand up to 11 of the top flagship headphones in the world?

“One of the most quick and lightning strike-like bass responses in a headphone... I think the Fostex TH900 as modded by Lawton, custom woodies and all, ended up being one of the most truly “Hifi” experiences all around. This is headphone art in its most raw and stunning form.“

The link on the left is a very in-depth review of our best headphone. The link on the right takes you to their shoot-out style comparison review of 12 of the premier phones on the planet, including our own maxed-out TH-900.

“The Lawton Fostex TH900 Review”                                                                           “12 Flagship Headphones Compared – The TOTL Guide”

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04/24/15: Check Out The Amazing New Headfonics Reviews Of Our Fostex TH-600!

On Our Fit & Finish and Quality:

“Mark Lawton went ahead and destroyed my reference point on what quality craftsmanship should be…again.“

“He doesn’t produce an unattractive design, pretty much everything is sublime…absolute master crafts and it hurts me deep inside to know that I can only have one set.  Truthfully, I want one for every day of the week.”

“This is Art, let’s not beat around the bush, but not only does it offer a simply breathtaking sense of appeal to the eyes, but it also offers slight customization and entertaining experience to the ears.”

“It is a sight to behold when the sun hits it just right.  That experience makes me feel so happy…and that is what Summit level audio is all about…”

“You’ll be very happy when you take your TH600 to audio meets like I have, only to be told your TH600 is more beautiful than any other headphone in the room.”

On Our Bass:

“When it boils down to it, they offer the most fun, punchy, weighted and deep reaching low end of pretty much any other popular Hifi model out there.  This is a headphone for people who feel their bass experience to always be lacking, who wish to experience an omnipresent bass nearly at all times.”

“The difference between the stock magnesium alloy and Lawton wooden cups is audible.  There is definitely a more focused feel to the entire low end of the spectrum, testing with Techmaster PEB’s Bassgasm…  resulted in more than a marginal improvement with control factor in the new wooden cups.  Lawton’s replacements feel tonally in focus and you can actually feel the difference in the low end looseness when swapping between them and the Fostex stock cups, the latter does feel shakier by a noticeable degree.“

“There is also noticeable solidity differences between using the stock magnesium alloy cups and Mr. Lawton’s woodies: I can easily hear the shakiness dissipate and focus replace it each time I swap the cups, testing with my favorite tracks really confirmed that these Shedua cups really do alter the tone for the better.”

On Our Soundstage:

“You have to respect the TH600, even though it is a semi open headphone in a technical sense, for producing such a crazy large soundstage. In turn, the vocalists and instruments carry a large feel to their physicality: Everything just sounds so huge…”

“The Lawton pads are angled and offer a better sense of depth of field and spaciousness…”

“The TH600 is really one of the most spacious, if not the most spacious closed back/semi closed headphone that I am aware of.  Everything is light, aired out and well separated.”

“The TH600 sounds much larger than Audeze’s XC and has a more well defined shape than its older cousin the Denon D7000, so you really can’t go wrong.  For the most part, it plays well with most genres, is comfortable and extremely fun to listen to.”

On Our Mods:

“I didn’t have to do much A/Bing, the difference was very obvious.”                                                                                                           

7/01/15: Tune-Up Kit for Fostex & Denon Instructions Are Up

Installing your Tune-Up Kit for your Fostex TH-600/TH-900 or Denon AH-D2000/D5000/D7000 is easy and fun, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.  Click HERE to check out the updated full instruction set for your model, with tons of pics and helpful tips.

A B C D F E A B C D F E A B C D F E Tune-Up Kit For Fostex Instructions

9/01/15: Updated Fostex & Denon Chambers and Angle Pad Installation Instructions Are Up

Installing your Custom Wood Chambers and Angle Pads for your Fostex TH-600/TH-900 or Denon AH-D2000/D5000/D7000 is easy and fun, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.  Click HERE to see Custom Wood Chambers instructions, and HERE to check out  the updated Angle Pad instructions, with tons of pics and helpful tips.

9/01/15: Customer Reviews & Feedback Section Update

Finally got around to including just a portion of the many wonderful comments and feedback we’ve received over the years from satisfied customers from all over the world. Check out the updated Reviews section to see just a sample of the voluminous positive feedback we’ve amassed, with more to come soon. I’m still sorting through 8 years of customer e-mail, I know I’ve missed many of your kind words; if you’d like to see your thoughts shared on our Review Page, please Contact Us and we’ll get your words up on the site.

12/10/15: The TH-X00 Is Here! New $399 Wonder Phone From Fostex / Massdrop.

Fostex has teamed up with Massdrop to introduce a brand new addition to their awesome line-up of headphones. Dubbed the TH-X00, this $399 wonder-phone is generating tremendous excitement due to the insane level of performance it packs into a very attractively priced package. This headphone represents the most affordable platform yet for our acclaimed series of Upgrades, joining the stable of phones we mod which also includes the Fostex TH-600  ($699) and TH-900 ($1299).

The TH-X00 shares the same “Biodyna” (biocellulose) driver technology as its two elder siblings, and retains the looks, construction, and most importantly, the stellar sound quality we have come to expect from the Fostex line. The best part? Some say its performance rivals that of its 2 siblings, making the TH-X00 a very compelling headphone for a wide variety of listeners.

Lawton Upgrades For Your TH-X00?  Yes!

With all the positive buzz the TH-X00 has been receiving, we’ve been getting tons of inquiries about our Upgrades for this new phone. Well– good news! All of our mods for Fostex are ready to go for your TH-X00, including our famous Tune-Up, lambskin leather Angle Pads, Custom Wood Chambers, and Cables. The construction of the TH-X00 is 100% identical to the other units, which means our Upgrades drop right in, plug and play! And yes, our Upgrades are just as effective and beneficial for the new TH-X00 as they are for the TH-600 and TH-900. We’ve been Upgrading these Fostex-made headphones since 2007, no one knows them better than Lawton Audio!   

What Is The Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00?

The folks from Massdrop worked closely with Fostex to produce this new unit exclusively for them. It is essentially a limited edition headphone (they expect about 2000 units will be made in all), that gently tweaks the same winning formula used to make the awesome TH-600 and TH-900 units, but available at a lower price point. The TH-X00 utilizes all the same build quality, parts construction and driver technology as the other Fostex units. Sonically, it bears a very strong family resemblance to the two more expensive models with a few small differences we will describe below. Basically, if you like the TH-600 or the TH-900, you will like the new TH-X00 as well.  If you are new to these phones, feel free to Contact Us, and we’ll help you select the right base model to upgrade to best match your musical and sonic tastes, and ensure you end up with the headphone of your dreams.

What’s New or Different About The TH-X00?

Although it has the same Biodyna (biocellulose) driver as the TH-600 unit, it has been voiced slightly differently from the other two Fostex units in the line. This is a subtle but appreciable change, and is best summarized by Massdrop themselves:

“With the emphasis on the low end toned down slightly from the TH600, the rich bass meets the Fostex standard without becoming bloated. The top end’s been taken down several decibels, too, neutralizing any sharp, sibilant highs and putting the emphasis on the mids. The result is an incredibly intimate sound, like being front row at a small venue…”

As you can see from the pics, the TH-X00 comes standard with stock/factory mahogany wood cups. Yes our Custom Wood Chambers will fit the TH-X00 and improve its performance.  Our big cups deliver deep full sound, big soundstage, plus the wonderful flavor and tone of your chosen wood.

The stock Pads of the TH-X00 are different from those of the TH-600/TH-900. Many people have complained about the small size of the ear holes on the TH-X00’s pads, and are replacing them with our custom leather Angle Pads.  Our most popular product, our super-comfortable Angle Pads will easily accommodate any ear, as well as improve the depth, size and scope of the soundstage.

And don’t forget our most famous mod, the one that started it all for us 8 years ago, our exclusive Tune-Up for Fostex headphones. Our most effective and affordable Upgrade, our latest generation Tune-Up features all-new and exclusive custom made materials selected to bring out the very best in your TH-X00.

All of our Upgrades (except our Cables) can be self-installed by anyone with minimal experience and basic tools you probably already own.  Check out the DIY Kit instructions under the How To tab on the main menu bar to see how easy it is to upgrade your own headphone.  Of course, you can always send them in to us for professional installation.

Where Can I Purchase The Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00?

Does Lawton Audio sell the TH-X00? No. Just as with the other Fostex units, we kindly refer you to your retailer of choice to have them shipped directly to us for Upgrades.

In the case of the TH-X00, this unit is exclusively available through Massdrop only (click HERE to go to Massdrop website). They have an unusual system there; once you sign up, you will submit your request, and when they receive enough requests they make the next batch of phones.  Rumor is the next batch may be ready sometime in February 2016, but contact Massdrop to get details, that’s all the info we have.

More Info, Helpful Video, and Reviews For The TH-X00

Jude at Head-Fi has put together a fantastic video on the Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00 which you can view HERE.

Stock TH-X00 Cup Stock TH-X00 Cup A B C D F E Stock Pads Stock Pads

10/01/16: Creative Labs E-MU, The Latest Platform For Our Upgrades!

Another Fostex-made premium headphone is out and making serious waves in the headphone community. Released by Creative Labs and dubbed the “E-MU”, this phone will excite fans of the classic Fostex-made Denons (AH-D2000/D5000/D7000), because its sound harkens back to those old favorites. If the Fostex units (TH-X00/TH-600/TH-900) sound like cousins of the old Denons, then the E-MU could be their long-lost brother. If you’ve ever secretly pined for an updated version of the Denons, give the E-MU a serious look and listen.

Like the TH-X00, this new model is available exclusively through Massdrop. Pricing varies a little on the E-MU, check the links below for latest info and pricing from Creative and Massdrop.

As you can see, the E-MU shares the same tried-and-true chassis and build as your other Fostex favorites, and that means all of our Upgrades just drop right in. Start with our Level 1 (Tune-Up and Angle Pads), then come back for a pair of our Custom Wood Chambers and a custom Cable.

Here’s some feedback on our Upgrades for these phones:

Learn More About Creative Labs E-MU

Creative Labs web page For E-MU –click here!

Creative Labs .pdf spec sheet for E-MU– click here!

Massdrop E-MU page– click here!

SAVE Up To $80 On Custom Wood Chambers!

All over the world, our customers are discovering the benefits of our superior housings for their Fostex/E-MU/Denon headphones. It’s certainly OK to lust after our Custom Wood Chambers for their sheer beauty alone, but they make an amazing contribution to sonic performance as well. We’ll help you select the best pair for your headphones.

        Old Price: $429.                                  Old Price: $549.                                 Old Price: $679.

CLICK HERE to browse our huge selection of

Chambers In Stock, all at our new lower prices!

Exhibition Grade

2/8/17: Check Out Our Latest Woodies In The Updated Chambers & Headphones Galleries!

No one offers a better selection of premium ToneWoods for your headphones than Lawton Audio, and we just keep on adding new species to our overflowing menu of exotic delights! Our Chambers Gallery sections have just been expanded with all-new pics of our latest creations.  Want to see them on a pair of headphones?  Great, check out our updated Headphones Galleries for the latest flavors for your Fostex or classic Denon.

Remember, our handy ToneWheel is here to make selection easy and fun. We’re always happy to help with personal one-on-one advice when you Contact Us. Click on the pics below to check out our updated Custom Wood Chambers Galleries.

Fostex Headphones Gallery 1 Custom Wood Chambers Gallery 1 --NEW-- Chambers In Stock Now! --NEW--

Our Lambskin Angle Pads Are Now $89/Pair. Save $20!

Our custom hand-made Angle Pads have long been our most popular product and best-seller. Don’t settle for generic cushions! Go with the Pads specifically designed by the experts to bring out the very best in Fostex/Denon/TH-X00/E-MU/Hifiman headphones. Starting now, your favorite Pads for your favorite phones are $89/pair!

Old Price: $109.

New Price:

Save Now On Our Full Level 1 Kit, Too!

Our Angle Pads make an amazing contribution to the sound of your phones all on their own, but when combined with our Tune-Up Kit, they form our full Level 1 package, and provide the most improvement for least expense on our entire menu of Upgrades for Fostex/Denon/TH-X00/E-MU headphones. Now, thanks to the reduction in price for the Angle Pads, a full Level 1 Kit (Tune-Up + Angle Pads) is also $20 less than before, making it an even bigger bargain than ever.

Old Price: $155.

New Price:

/pair Tune-Up = Angle Pads for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU D.I.Y. Mod Kits for Fostex / Denon / TH-X00 / E-MU

8/26/17: Lawton Audio 10-Year Anniversary Celebration.

In honor of our 10th year of providing industry-leading, innovative headphone Upgrades, we are offering our customers major savings on every single product and service on our menu. You will find mark-downs all across the site (see below for just a few examples). You can expect major savings on our leather Angle Pads, Custom Wood Chambers, plus all Cables, Adaptors, and Extensions. All the prices you will see already reflect your savings. There’s never been a better time to Upgrade your Fostex, E-MU, or classic Denon headphone.

Major Savings On All Hard-Wired Cables, Detachables, Adaptors, & Extensions!

We are serious cable enthusiasts here at Lawton Audio. We’ve tried them all and will stack our cables up against any on the market. Best of all, our Black Hornet and Black Scorpion cables have been specially selected for their superb synergy with the Fostex/TH-X00/E-MU/Denon headphones. Our cables are ideal partners for your favorite phones. We also make killer detachable cables for every make and model out there, plus we can hard-wire almost any phone on the market. There is no headphone out there our wires will not improve!

Black Scorpion Detachable & Hard-Wired                Black Hornet Detachable & Hard-Wired                         Black Scorpion Adaptors





Black Hornet Now starting at: Black Scorpion SALE price: Originally starting at: $500. SAVE $125 and more on longer lengths! Now starting at: Original price: $229. SAVE $35. Just one example!  All Adaptors & Extensions on SALE now! Originally starting at: $255. SAVE $60 and more on longer lengths! Black Hornet Headphone Cable Black Scorpion Headphone Cable